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cinema['sinimə] 电影院bookstore['bukstɔ:] 书店 where[hwɛə] 在哪里,到哪里

How much is it? 这个多少钱? It’s ten yuan.十元。

The closet is near the table . 衣柜在桌子旁边。

Who’s your English teacher?谁是你的英语老师?Mr Carter.卡特先生。

Furthermore, in Science students will learn basic language associated with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

long hair[lŋ][hə] 长头发 short hair[:t][hə] 短头发 thin:[θin] 瘦的 strong[strŋ] 健壮的quiet['kwaiət] 安静的 friend(s)[frend]朋友(复数)


Excuse me, can I just get past? 劳驾,请让我过一下。

I wen(t) there alone a(t) nine las(t)night.


如:I’d li(ke a)nother bow(l o)f rice.

What does your mother do? (你妈妈是做什么的?)She is a TV reporter. (她是一名电视台记者。)

Where are you this afternoon? (今天下午你打算去哪里?)


What do you have for lunch on Monday?你周一午餐吃什么?

balloon[bə'lu:n] 气球 car [kɑ:]小汽车 plane[plein] 飞机

“Many thanks for this update and it sounds like you are doing all you can to contain the virus during a very difficult time indeed. I have been following the news closely and I just wanted to say that at Girton you are in our thoughts and we send you all good wishes.”

Students will be taught basic time vocabulary focusing on Postman Pat’s daily routine and time of day. For example, what postman pat does on a morning, lunchtime, afternoon and night.

there:[ðə] 那儿;那里Are they ducks? 这些是鸭子吗?No,they aren’t. 不,他们不是。

如:Look at 、 get out 、 above all 、 put iton 、 all of us 、not at all 等。

heavy → heavier 更重的long → longer 更长的thin → thinner 更瘦的

It’s cool . Is it cold? 很凉爽。是寒冷的吗?

“We remain on standby and together with you, as we all hopefully ride out the storm together. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything from us / if there is anything we can assist with.”

Lesson 1

a building which people, usually one family, live in

house[haus] 房子 bridge[brid] 桥 tree[tri:] 树 road[rəud] 公路

“Thank you for keeping us updated. We keep our fingers crossed that the virus will get under control soon.”

Lesson 3

Did~you get therelate~again?

eye[ai] 眼睛 ear[iə] 耳朵 arm[ɑ:m] 胳膊 finger['fiŋgə] 手指

fly[flai] 飞 jump[dmp] 跳 walk[w:k] 走 run[rn] 跑

Unit 3

We’re going to work on a farm nex(t)Tuesday.

This lesson focuses on looking after animals/ a pet. It teaches words associated with what a pet needs.

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